Juxtaposed personalities, colors and materials: it’s all about putting together two opposite sides of the same coin and making it spin. Sport and rock souls, powerful fluo-colors with no-colors, strass fishnet combined with pinstriped sartorial textures. Nothing is ever as it seems.

The new logo is introduced, representing the four elements: Water, Earth, Fire and Air. It is constructed by equilateral triangles, symbol of alchemic dynamism. Separately they characterize the motion of bodies which generates cosmic energy. Together they are the origin of every phenomenon, thrusting the dynamics of creation, transformation and evolution of life. They express the deep contrast between the light elements, such as Fire and Air (facing up), which are femininity and the heavy elements, Water and Earth (facing down), symbol of masculinity. Combined they are whole, they are life.

Environmental-friendly materials play a key role in the collection, introducing the path which Byblos is undertaking towards a sustainable fashion. Hemp and bamboo fabrics, with 100% recycled lycra are given life through cutting-edge shapes, genderless features and flash-colored details, all entirely hand-crafted in Italy.

The ‘Twisted’ attitude is portrayed through the introduction of the new heel. Designed and constructed to embody the sport-rock personality of the Brand combing as one. Shiny lacquered, pivoted and turned three times, the twisted heel is presented in fierce fluo-colors such as, orange, pink and yellow.

An iridescent vision of the new monogram is revealed through the usage of embossed materials made with high-frequency innovative machinery, shown on both shoes and bags. Moreover, it is found on the bold metal jewelry, with a combination of maxi and mini chains, which enriches the looks delivering a fearless attitude.

The collection is a statement of how the Brand sees the future of the fashion scenario. It’s not just about adapting to change, it’s about embracing it and thrusting towards new limits, where everything is unexpected and never predictable.