Manuel Facchini brings Byblos back to Milano Fashion Week with a show that pays homage to self-expression.

The inspiration comes from the vibrant atmosphere of the Burning Man, the event taking place in the Nevada desert since 1986, as a radical celebration of both sharing and uniqueness.

«No boundaries. No restraints» this is the statement where two apparently different souls melt into the poetry of such bold days.

Hippie and space-age references typical of the Burning Man mix together, creating new contrasts, like the space suits with reflective details shifting into urban parkas. While sports technicalities get a psychedelic touch in a futuristic, poetical aesthetic.

Facchini ironically plays with shoe strings, whose caps are vividly hued, to turn them into hippie fringes. And works with laser cut-outs to create a trompe l’oeil effect.

Sleekness comes from the highly curated palette, or the oblong sequins resembling the likes of a betta fish as they blend from one shade to another and evoke the dreamlike, boundless horizons of the desert at dawn or dusk.

Slim silhouettes change into oversize shapes where drawstrings create rounded volumes befitting the different times of the day.